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As a sincere ‘thank you’ for your hard work and dedication, I’m so excited to announce that the 2023 President’s Club award winners are headed to - Naples, Florida! Our beach celebration will take place October 2nd – 6th. ​Get ready to unwind and enjoy time with fellow Partners at our luxurious getaway, The Ritz-Carlton Naples Beach Resort.


Each day, you’ll have your pick between indulging at the spa, 18 holes on a breathtaking golf course, and soaking up the sun at our own private UHM Beach party.

Other fun activities available:

- Biking on the Beach

- Poolside Cabana's

- Local Shopping

And more!


Join us for family dinner where we’ll dine with spectacular views of the ocean as we enjoy dinner on the beach! We will celebrate your success in true Florida fashion all week long.


Most importantly, Paula and I look forward to spending time with you.​


Bookmark this website and use it to stay up to date on trip details. We can’t wait to see you in Naples!


See you there, Bill Cosgrove​​

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